Do states with no income tax like Texas have to pay deferred money to baseball players?

Texas is one of nine states that does not enforce a mandated state income tax for its citizens. Instead the tax rates in all other areas are higher areas such as property tax,estate tax, sales tax, and others. With that said though, since baseball players are technically employees of a privately owned entity, a Texas resident's taxes do not pay for the salaries of those players. That goes for every state that houses a professional sports teams. Athletes are paid from the revenue generated by their respective teams and league, while also receiving incentives from endorsement deals. These salaries are, in no way, taken from your taxes as that would be an illegal seizure of your taxes. Now if your favorite local professional team was trying to build a brand new stadium to play in, then perhaps the state and/or city you reside in would raise taxes in an effort to raise enough money to afford it. That's the only way your taxes would ever be deferred to a professional sports team, and even then, it would be going to the state.

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