Can you pay a state tax lien online?

A tax lien is when you are delinquent in payment on various things such as back taxes, creditor's debt, or others, and the government has placed a control on your property. The control allows the government to foreclose on your property at any time, even if there's a new owner living on the property. The tax lien can only be issued and removed by the state government, which means there is really no other way around a lien besides paying how much you owe in full. As far as paying a state tax lien is concerned, being able to pay online depends on the state. Some states require you to deliver the payment to a public institution, rather than online. Others allow you to pay online as it is quick and simple. If the lien has to be sold to a debt collecting business, then you must pay all dues to that company. It is best to look at your specific state's laws regarding tax liens and go from there.

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