How far back can you go to get state income tax refund?

Tax refunds are the best part about filing and paying your taxes. Every year, depending on if your tax estimate is more or less than your actual amount due, you may be entitled to a tax refund. The tax refund is comprised of the difference between your withheld taxes and the actual amount due, and can sometimes be a significant amount. When you are given a refund, it is your duty to collect it at your leisure. The IRS should notify you by either email or mail, and when that happens you need to pick it up. The state and federal governments give you up to 3 years to come and collect your tax refund, which is ample time to do so. As stated before, the IRS does notify you, so if you fail to see the notification, then you are out of luck. Failure to pick up your refund within the 3 year time period will result in the government taking back your refund as an extra tax collection and will not be given to you after the period ends.

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